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Lucknow Estate, Castle In The Clouds

From Seattle I flew directly to Maine to celebrate my friend Teresa’s birthday. Maine is another beautiful spot in the summer and quite a lot like Oregon where the weather is concerned.  It was warm and sunny in the day, … Continue reading

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Puget Sound and Harstine Island

Escaping the Florida heat, I spent the last weekend of July up in the Great Northwest with my family. From West Seattle we took a short ferry ride across the water, passing Vashon Island, and disembarking at Southworth.  My family … Continue reading

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Tough Decisions in the Oregon Wine Country

The Willamette Valley Wineries Association ( lists over 180 wineries in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The first tough decision is where to start, the second, which ones to visit? To celebrate my sister’s birthday, my mother and I escorted her to … Continue reading

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The Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida

The new Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg dominates the waterfront with its stunning building design.  It is beautiful to look at in the day, but at night it really shines.  They allowed me to photo the inside, in the … Continue reading

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On a witch hunt in Salem, Mass.

After two gorgeous sunny days in Maine, we were lucky to have blustery, overcast and rainy weather for our day trip to Salem, Massachusettes.  We were on a witch hunt, to find areas and shops and whatever else we could find … Continue reading

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The Columbia River Gorge Loop

During my very quick three-day visit home to Oregon, my sister, my father, and I spent one day driving the scenic Columbia River Gorge loop.   We started in Portland, crossed the Columbia River via the I-5 bridge at Jantzen Beach and entered … Continue reading

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The Coast Is Clear

“The tourist traps are empty, The air is turning cool, They’re shutting down the super slide, The kids are back in school.” Jimmy Buffett may have been singing about Key West, Florida but it also applies to the coast of … Continue reading

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An October day in Maine.

With a few days off I headed up to Maine to do some leaf peeping before the end of the season.  I got very lucky with a sunny and relatively warm day for October in Maine, 65 degrees.  My good friend … Continue reading

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The Best Things About Oregon

Oregon is my home state.  Florida is my adopted state.  At times I have felt terribly homesick for Oregon and the west coast, and nothing will make that feeling go away except a trip back home.  Four days off is not … Continue reading

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Sunshine, yard flamingos, and curly fries. Yes, it sounds like another outdoor festival in Florida.

This year marks my 26th year of living in Florida.  In those years, I’ve seen  my share of outdoor festivals, which they do rather well down here.  This past weekend was one of my favorites, The Mainsail Arts Festival in … Continue reading

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