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Göta Canal Day Four

We had motored through Lake Vänern during the night.  The sunrise was spectacular, and very early. Lake Vänern is at 48.3 meters above sea level.  On this day, the last day of the Classic Canal Cruise, we end in Goteborg … Continue reading

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Göta Canal Cruise Day Three

Day Three of the Classic Canal Cruise begins with a cruise on Lake Vättern, the highest lake elevation, then we rise to highest elevation of the trip, 91.5 meters through the Berg Canal, and begin the descent through more locks … Continue reading

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Göta Canal Day Two

I awoke at 0400 on day 2 of our cruise, as we made our way through the Söderköping lock.  It could have been the amount of light at 0400 or the noise of the water filling the lock, I’m not … Continue reading

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Göta Canal Day One

This trip to Sweden was not only about Midsommar and visiting family.  It was 50 years ago that my sister spent the summer in Sweden with our Grandmother and cruised the Göta Canal the first time.  It was our idea to … Continue reading

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Glad Midsommar

We departed Skane for Småland and a visit with family.  Our maternal great grandmother immigrated from Sweden in 1890.  Her brothers stayed in Sweden, and their family welcomed us for Midsommar. Småland is another beautiful area of Sweden with farms like … Continue reading

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Southern Sweden: Skåne , Viking Stones, and a Swedish winery (kind of)

I am back in Sweden for Midsommar, a beautiful time to visit.  After meeting my sister in Copenhagen, we took the very short train ride to Malmo, Sweden and picked up a rental car.  Sweden is an easy country for … Continue reading

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Stockholm Highlights

I made the most of my last two days in Stockholm.  Taking ferries, I managed one UNESCO site, two museums, Gamla Stan, and two more stellar restaurants. Things to do in Stockholm with only two days: 1.  Sightseeing.  Gamla Stan … Continue reading

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Oh To Be A Dog In Sweden

I will admit right at the start to being a dog lover.  But I live in a rather dog unfriendly state, so it was wonderful to see how dogs are included in everything in Sweden, or almost everything. We saw … Continue reading

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Images of Visby

According to the World Heritage Committee, Visby was worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage designation due to the following: Visby is an outstanding example of a north European medieval walled trading town which preserves with remarkable completeness a townscape and … Continue reading

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Around Gotland

The original plan was to rent two small motorcycles and tour the island of Gotland.  Things don’t always go as planned.  We ended up two on one large bike, and we saw about half the island. We headed north out … Continue reading

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